27/05/2020 - Promotion



If you still couldn't decide what to have for lunch then come to AEon Citimart. We have plenty of delicious and affordable options for you! 

Time: 17/02/2020 – 02/03/2020
*Applicable to all the AEON Citimart's locations: Cao Thang, Tropic Garden, Garden Plaza, New Sai Gon, Phuc Yên, Parkson Dist.5, B&B Somerset, B&B Hung Vuong, B&B Green View, B&B Nam Long, B&B Sunrise City, B&B Res 11, B&B Him Lam, B&B Conic, B&B BCA, Citi Premium. About Binh Duong, Nha Trang will may not applicable for some products such as vegetables and sea foods.

Hotline: (028) 3929 1068