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1.      Don’t use cow’s milk with juice

Cow’s milk and juice are two types of nutrion-rich drink, it’s very delicious. But when you combined two types of this nutrition drink together, it’s will turn out to harm. Because the acid in the fruit can stop the protein of cow’s milk, reduce the level of absorption of cow’s milk and juice, and make the digestive process slow down at the same time.

2.      Don’t add sugar directly into the milk when boiling

You just add the sugar into milk when it warm. Because of the acid amin contained in cow’s milk while boiling with fructose in sugar born a toxin that’s not conductive to your health. In many dishes need both the milk and sugar, to ensure good for health, good for you, you should beat sugar when milk has cooled.

3.      Don’t eat the seafood with fruits

 The Vietnam customs often eat fruits immediately after the meal to dessert. But in reality, it’s not good for your health cause of the acid contained in fruit will reduce the absorption of food. And this is not good when eating fruit during or shortly after a meal containing seafood.

The fruits, especially grapes, perminson – those containing many acid tanique will along with Protein and Calcium contains in seafood forming complexes uncomfortable for your stomach, make you feel bloating and indigestion.

If you want to eat fruits, you should eat it before or after two hours or more. And shouldn’t eat it when hungry, because it will increase the acid in your stomach and hurt your stomach.

4.      Beansprout and pig liver

 This is a very tasty dish, simple and quite popular. But you need to be careful, because Vitamin in beansprout will easily oxidize by copper (CU) in the pig liver, that makes the nutrients in beansprout and pig liver become metamorphism.

5.      Shouldn’t bake food on gas stove

Many people have the habit of grilled calamari or fish, beef directly on the stove. But this is really not good. Because in the gas contains a lot of impurities. The impurities will come into food and create cancer.      

Eating is an essential need of human life, but you need to eat carefully to keep your body always healthy.


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