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For the first layer:

-         10 gr instant agar agar powder

-         5g jelly powder

-         120g caster sugar

-         700ml mango yogurt drink

-         300ml water

-         50g mango puree

-         50g evaporated milk

For the second layer:

-         10g instant agar agar powder

-         5g jelly powder

-         150g caster sugar

-         300ml logan water (water from canned longan) - I used packet lychee juice

-         700ml water

-         1 mango, cubed


For the first layer:

1.    Place the instant agar agar powder, jelly powder and sugar in a pot. Pour in the mango yogurt drink and water.

2.    Stir, on medium heat, until the sugar has completely melted. You don’t want this to boil, since boiling creates loads of bubbles which will make the jelly look kinda pock-marked.

3.    In a small bowl, mix the mango puree with evaporated milk.

4.    Pour this into the warm jelly mixture. Stir to mix.

5.    Distribute the jelly among little cups, or pour into your jelly mold. Remember to leave space for the second layer of jelly!

6.    Place this in the fridge to set.

7.    When the first layer is quite firm (it does not have to be totally set), make the second layer.

For the second layer:

1.    Place the instant agar agar powder, jelly powder, sugar, lychee water and water in a pot.

2.    Cook this over low heat, stirring constantly, until all the sugar has melted.

3.    Pour this over the first layer then add the cubed mangoes.

4.    Place in the fridge to set. Serve chilled.


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