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In fact, orange peel have a lot of effects, preventing many diseases and very good for your health. Here are a few reasons you should never throw away the orange peel.

 1.      The 1st benefit

                       Orange peel contains a lot of nutrients than the meats inside. 100g of orange peel contains 135mg of vitamin C but with the same amout of orange meats, it only contains 70mg of vitamin C.

2.      The 2nd benefit

                       For the obese, orange peel are extremely good and have the effect of reducing blood pressure.

 3.      The 3rd benefit

                       In the orange peel contains a pesticide known as hesperidin, is an antioxidant. Someone said that this pesticide has the effect of reducing blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and inflammation.

 4.      The 4th benefit

                       Orange peel have a perfect benefit in the metabolic process of the conditioner and beneficial to the digestive system. They are also very good for weight loss.

 5.      The 5th benefit

                        In the orange peel have flavonoids, which are thought to inhibit some protein related to cancer and obesity. So, you have to take advantage of the health benefits of orange peel.

 6.      The 6th benefit

                        Orange peels are also rich in magnesium, calcim, fiber and vitamin B, C that’s very good for the body. You should use it daily because of these effects.

 7.      The 7th benefit

                       Orange peel works extremely well in fighting allergies, it also clean your lungs because they can clean the phlegm in the throat when you eat orange peel.

8.      The 8th benefit

                        Teeth whitening. When you illuminate the orange peel in your teeth, or chewing them, you will see the effect of tooth whitening and foul mouth.

          With these effects of orange peel, right now, you can’t thrown it away, but you should take all advantages of the orange peel. 


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