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- 900 gr chicken, cut into bite size pieces

- 600 gr potatoes

- 200 gr carrots

- 4 cloves of garlic minced

- 2 lemongrass; cut into 5 pieces and crushed

- 3 bay leaves

- 100 ml coconut milk

- 10 gr sugar

- 750 ml chicken stock, 750 ml water

- 10 gr salt, 10 gr onion powder, 30 gr curry powder


- Marinate chicken in salt, onion powder and curry powder in 2-4 hours

- Chop potatoes, carrots in to bite size pieces then brown them in the pan

- Fry the marinated chicken until golden brown and drain the oil 

- Sauté the garlic, and onions in the pot until brown then add the chicken in with the lemongrass, basil leaves and a pinch of sugar.

- Add water to completely cover all the ingredients. Put to high heat until boiled then reduce to medium heat.

- Add the potatoes and carrots, pour in the remain water and season to taste

- Turn the gas to the highest till boiled and let it bubble until the chicken cooked through, carrots and potatoes are soft.

- Add the coconut milk, wait till boil then turn of the gas.


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Category : Blog