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   Kimchi is really good for your health, it’s contains many anti-inflammatory and also detoxification. Kimchi is a fermented, it’s also rich in probiotic, helps the digestive system and your gut better.

 1.      Solve the problem of digestive system

Kimchi help you to improve your health and enhance the function of the digestion. In addition, it supports to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in digestive system, helps to reduce a lot of problems about digestive system.

2.      Reduce inflammation

The antoxidants contained in kimchi will knock the free radicals in your body, help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Moreover, kimchi helps prevent arthritis and eczecma.

 3.      Good for your immune system

The flavonoids and phenolic contained in kimchi very rewarding for the immune system. And the gingers and garlics seasoning used in kimchi will promote healing effect and against milk infections.

 4.      Preventing diabetes

Some research shows that kimchi can also reduces blood sugar levels in the body when you’re hungry. In addition, kimchi also have the characteristics against diabetes.

 5.      Treament of stomach ulcers

In kimchi contains a lot of lacto-bacteria bacillius. This bacteria will help to heal gastritis and stomach ulcers.

 6.      Prevent cancer

Kimchi is also known as anti cancer food. Because, in kimchi includes two types of flavonois and glucosinolates that’s helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

 7.      Prevent aging

 Thanks to the antioxidant that kimchi can also slow the aging process of the body. They will prevent the oxidation of cells and you will have more beautiful appearance.

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Sources: Boldsky magazine and Tri thuc tre


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