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The minute you look at a basket full of juicy fruits, some of the first words that come to your mind are "tasty", "healthy" and "fat-free", right?

Time and again, we have been told that fruits and vegetables are the epitome of health and nothing can beat these natural ingredients when it comes to a healthy diet, right?

Well, while it is true that most of the fruits and vegetables that we consume are very nutritious and boost our health to a considerable extent, it is also true that there are always exceptions to every rule!

Now, weight issues, especially being overweight or obese, have become a huge problem globally, among people of every age and gender, whose BMI (body mass index) is above the normal range.

When there is excess fat stored in the body, it could make a person look unfit, unshapely and could also affect his/her self-confidence!

More importantly, being over-weight or obese can bring in a host of minor and major diseases such as high cholesterol, joint pain, high blood pressure, heart ailments, depression, indigestion, etc.

A healthy, balanced diet, which is low in unhealthy fat content and calories, can help a person lose weight.

So, many people consume fruits and vegetables during the weight loss process, as they think that these ingredients are low in sugar or fat.

Similarly, even people suffering from diabetes (a metabolic disease in which the body does not produce enough insulin or resists insulin, thereby giving rise to a number of negative symptoms) feel that eating fruits is harmless for them, as fruits do not contain sugar.

Truth is, many fruits do contain a high amount of sugar in them, which may affect the weight loss process or worsen diabetes symptoms.

So, here is a list of fruits that have a low sugar content in them and are safe to be consumed by individuals with diabetes.

1.    Apple

   Apples contain just under 10 g of sugar per fruit, so apart from being safe for people with weight issues and diabetes, it can also improve your health in general, as it is rich in antioxidants.

2.    Orange

     Orange is a fruit loaded in vitamin C and folate, so it is one of the best fruits to keep your immune system healthy and fight diseases. Oranges can be consumed safely by people trying to lose weight and diabetics, as they contain just 12 g of digestible sugar.

3.    Avocado

     Avocados are the latest superfoods, which come with numerous health benefits, as they contain omega-3 fatty acids among other nutrients. Also, avocados are almost sugar-free!

4.    Strawberry

     Strawberry is a fruit which has very less sugar content, but is high in antioxidant and vitamin C content, which can boost your metabolism and immune system to keep you healthy and aid weight loss.

5.    Peach

Peaches too are low in sugar content; one medium-sized peach contains just about 10 g of sugar. Peach is rich in fibre and antioxidant content, which can improve your digestive health and also keep your immune system healthy.

6.    Muskmelon

     This tasty, cooling fruit is very popular in tropical countries like India and contains just 11 g of healthy sugar per fruit. The potassium content and vitamin K in musk melons can boost weight loss by improving your metabolic rate and can also treat indigestion.

7.    Grapefruit

    Grapefruit is a popular fruit consumed for breakfast in most of the western countries, as it can increase your metabolism and energy to keep you energized throughout the day, thanks to its rich antioxidant content. Grapefruit is also low in sugar and has only 11 g of sugar per fruit.

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