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Even though the plum blossoms are barely blooming, people are already looking ahead to cherry blossom season. The sakura season forecasts are already being regularly updated and though we won’t see any blossoms in the trees until March, there are plenty to be found elsewhere — especially in desserts. Here are eight of our favorite sakura sweets to sink our teeth into this season.

1.    Sakura Blancmange


Topped with fresh whipped cream and a dainty salt-pickled sakura blossom, this two-layered sakura jelly and sakura-flavored blancmange (similar to pannacotta) dessert is a sweet treat as delicious as it is beautiful.

Price: ¥800 (~170.000vnd)

2.    Sakura Ichigo Mochi


Tsukiji Chitose, a confectionery with over 100 years in the business, offers a limited time Sakura Ichigo Mochi, which features a sweet and sour strawberry sauce made with Tochigi-sourced Otome strawberries. The sauce is surrounded by a mixture of salt-pickled cherry blossom petals and leaves and whipped cream, and its entirety is wrapped in faintly vanilla-scented mochi.

Price: ¥864 (~184.000vnd)

3.    Sakura Sweets Selection


Andaz Tokyo celebrates the arrival of spring with a selection of sakura-inspired desserts that would be right at home at a more sophisticated hanami party. From pink-frosted eclairs to Swiss rolls and macarons, there is something for every palate.

Price: ¥200 – ¥ 490 (~42.000vnd – 105.000vnd)

4.    Flower Garden


Inspired by the theme “Hanami in Japan,” Mandarin Oriental Hotel has devised an artistic line of sweets, including the so-called Flower Garden. This delightful dessert depicts a traditional Japanese garden, with sakura blossom infused jelly, layered with a cherry blossom-flavored mousse. A delicate chocolate sakura branch sits on top of it all, as the proverbial cherry on top.

Price: ¥850 (~180.000vnd)

5.    Sakura Crème Brûlée


This may be what a plate full of happiness looks like. This classic French dessert has the gentle fragrance of cherry blossoms and is topped with a crisp sheet of cherry-flavored caramelized sugar, and crunchy pink meringue. A thin layer of cherry sauce, soft whipped cream and strawberries frame this one-of-a-kind creation.

Price: ¥1,404 ~ (300.000vnd)

6.    Sakura Jelly


For a budget-conscious cherry blossom gourmet, this Lawson treat should hit the spot. Sakura jelly is a pink agar-agar jelly dome, infused with sakura petal extract for flavor and fragrance, topped with a sakura blossom.

Price: ¥150 (~32.000vnd)

Source: Tokyoweekender/ Kenh14.vn


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