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1.    Egg rich in Omega - 3

Eggs rich in Omega – 3 are provided by chickens feds with foods rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids such as flax seeds, soybeans, cereals…This egg have a fatty acids from 3 – 6 times higher than ordinary eggs. This egg not only provides nutrients to the skin but also prevents heart disease.

2.    Garlic

Garlic have the effective in prevents the harmful bacteria to the body. Garlic acts as an antioxidant, can protect your skin against damage caused by factors such as stress, oxidation..

3.    Salmon

If you combine salmon in your daily meal will have the excellent effect for your skin, help your skin more healthy and reduce wrinkles. Salmon contain protein and Omega – 3 fatty acids, which are protect your skin from damage and avoid premature aging.

4.    Beetroot

Beetroot are rich in fibers and antioxidants. Not only that, beetroot contain anthocyanin pigments that can help to increase the production of collagen.

5.    Cashew nut

If you eat cashew nuts regularly can help eliminate free radicals – the main factor causing the aging process. Cashew nuts also contain a lot of vitamin E, help prevent premature aging and protect your skin from damaging.

6.    Spinach

Spinach contain phytonutrients and antioxidant help to reduce wrinkles in your face, and role as protective your skin from the sun.

7.    Chocolate

Experts believe that eating chocolate, or even use chocolate to apply on the skin regularly can reduce wrinkles on the face. Eat chocolate regularly will improve your skin, helps cell heal easily, prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, improved skin tone.

8.    Bell pepper

Bell pepper contain vitamin A and E, help your skin avoid from ultraviolet rays. Especially, red bell pepper have a big amount of vitamin C, reduce wrinkles. And also contain a lot of beta carotin help against the onslaught of free radicals, prevent skin aging process.

9.    Broccoli

Broccoli contain protein that protect your skin from sunburn, or even skin cancer.

10.        Blueberry

Blueberry can help you to against the wrinkles, and reduce cell damage. Blueberry also neutralize the destruction of free radicals for DNA, and protect the skin cells.

 Source: Doivi.net 


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